Donna Wilson, PhD

Center for Innovative Education and Prevention

 “We are inspired by the stories about how teachers who have studied with us are empowering their students to fulfill their potential. This is powerful evidence that a bridge can be built between practical, cutting-edge theory and effective classroom practice when graduate programs are designed around the needs of teachers.”
— Donna Wilson, Teacher Educator/Educational Psychologist and Former University Faculty Chair of Education

Donna Wilson, PhD, is the head of academic affairs and president of the Center for Innovative Education and Prevention (CIEP) and BrainSMART. She is the former university chairperson of education at University of Detroit Mercy, a teacher educator and educational psychologist, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and a former classroom teacher. After completing postdoctoral study in structural cognitive modifiability, Donna began co-developing research-based professional learning opportunities for K-12 educators delivered through graduate studies. Her work is focused on practical theory based on education, mind, and brain research that empowers educators to teach today’s students.

Donna’s work has been delivered live and through distance learning at the master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral levels. Over the last 12 years, she has personally presented to more than 100,000 educators who serve more than 1 million students. She has served as an educational consultant in many of the largest states and districts in the United States, as well as in many suburban and rural areas, and has presented in a number of other countries. Donna is the author of a variety of professional journal articles and more than 20 books, including Potential: Plasticity and the Power to Get Better at Almost Anything, BrainSMART 60 Strategies for Increasing Student Learning, Thinking for Results: Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement by as Much as 30 Percent, BrainSMART HealthWise, Courageous Learners: Increasing Student Achievement in Diverse Learning Communities, and the Wiring the Brain to Read series.

Donna is most interested in helping K-12 classroom educators strengthen student learning by aligning instruction with current research from the fields of education, learning, psychology, and educational neuroscience; in systems for educational change and innovation; in education of students with learning challenges; in business, school, and university partnerships; and in parent/school and community partnerships for change.

Donna Wilson, PhD
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